Eastern Passage

Dear Friends,

After growing up in Dartmouth, and now joining this community - I am proud to call Eastern Passage home. My husband and I have chosen to put our roots down in Eastern Passage because of the richness of the community. I feel truly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.  We are blessed with great people, stunning scenery and a community spirit akin to what I experienced growing up on military bases. 

With a rich history of performing arts, and self-sufficiency we have a lot to be proud of.  Our close, friendly community welcomes both new residents and visitors to marvel at the jewel that is the Eastern Passage/Cow Bay area.

From Fisherman's Cove to Rainbow Haven beach, the potential of our community is inspiring. The passion, knowledge and tenacity across Eastern Passage/Cow Bay will allow us to weather any storm.  Our community  is growing, and we will continue to grow .   I welcome new development, however it make sense for our residents.  Additions to our community should enhance it, not put more stress on existing residents: what is required is balance.  As we grow, we must remind the city hall of the infrastructure needs that go with expanded development.

I see the passion in our community, let's continue to work together and build the best community we can!

Eastern Passage Proud