Bryn Jones-VaillancourtBryn Jones-Vaillancourt

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Help Support Bryn in his bid for councillor. Together, we can put people first!

  Dear Friends,

As we are now in September and we draw closer to election day: I wish to thank you all for your support and ask for your continued support. I have been working hard all summer to attend community events, and can proudly say that I have knocked on doors in every neighbourhood of our amazing district.

As we enter the last leg of the campaign, I ask for your support both on elect ion

day and up to election day. To continue to spread my message I kindly ask you to talk to your friends, co-workers and neighbours about me and my campaign. Together, we can put people first and make our city an even better place to live, work and play.

To continue to share my message, I am setting a fund raising goal of $1000. This will be to help cover the costs of brochure printing. Friends, I kindly ask for your support. If you believe that we can put people first again in our local government, I kindly ask for you to make a donation to my campaign.

With 50 people, making a donation of $20 to my campaign, together, we continue spreading the word.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact me at

Thank you for all your support

Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt

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