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People First, Always: Collaboration Communication Compassion

Since July, while I have been going door to door across district 5, I have seen and heard people's concerns and their true hope, nah their desire for change.   Tuesday evening, I had the true pleasure of knocking on the door, of my Grade Two teacher: Mr. Grant Maclean. I was part of the first class he taught, and 25 years later he still remembers me.  I remember him as well, not so much of lesson plans, but of how he engaged us as young learners and helped to foster our dreams.  However, tonight he shared something with me that really re-connected me to my youth.   It was two pictures, taken during grade two: one was three other students and I, holding up flip chart paper that said "Share".   The second, was of the whole class, with us holding up a flip chart paper that said "Friendship"  These two pictures made me think of all the experiences I have been fortunate to have in my life.   These experiences have brought me to this point in my life and made me who I am today. As, I thought about growing up and how I viewed the world and have come to view the world: I saw a clear, strong desire that I have always had: to always help people, and to speak loud and fight injustice/inequality.  As I was growing up my career aspirations began with veterinarian, marine biologist, nurse, professional musician and finally to what I did choose: a professional chef.  The common thread among all these occupations is that desire to help people, to listen, give them a voice and enrich their lives.    I look at the photos of myself from grade two, and I see the same smile and compassion in my eyes.   The selfless compassion to advocate  for what is right, to help raise all people to the same standard and above all else to ensure everyone is heard.

This innate compassion, collaboration and willingness to find solutions is alive and strong in me today.  I believe in looking out for people: all people.  That government is there for the people and by the people.   I will never shy away from what is the right thing to do.  As you councillor, I will stand up for residents, business, environment and work to do my best to ensure that our people's interests are represented.  Dartmouth Centre, I will stand strong for our district and for our city.   We can do great things in our district and in our city, they do not have to be separate goals.

By putting people and our community first, and make good decisions we can end the stagnation we see in Halifax.  There is so much potential, together let's embrace our bright, inclusive future.

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People First, Always: Collaboration Communication Compassion