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October 2012 : Vote Bryn for Dartmouth Centre - District 5

Dear Friends, September is almost upon us, and as many of prepare to send kids back to school and young adults ready to leave for university and college.. I ask everyone to pause and take a break with family on this last long weekend of the summer. Today marks 37 days until advance online and telephone polls open for Halifax's municipal election 2012. This election is a turning point in our city's recent history. Sixteen years ago, we all joined to become one city reaching far and wide. Halifax, we are a beautiful city made of diverse communities and people. People are our greatest resource, and we must re-focus local government to put people first always.

In Dartmouth Centre, people all across the district are telling me they feel disconnected from city government. They are tired of the fighting on council, and desire to elect people who will represent and stand up for Dartmouth, and help to enable and support a true vision for Halifax. Dartmouth Centre, I am that person. I was born in Dartmouth, grew up here and I now with my fiance choose to call Halifax home. We have immense potential, and a wonderful energy that we can tap into. Together, we can enhance Dartmouth Centre and Halifax to make our community and city a better place to live, work and play.
However, I can not do this alone. Dartmouth Centre, I am asking for the honour of representing you on regional council. I ask for your vote in our October Elections. I ask if you believe in electing a person who will put people first, work to unite our whole district and help to foster a better sense of community: Vote Bryn. Over the next 37 days, I ask for your support and help during the last leg of my campaign. If you are interested in volunteering on my campaign, hosting an event, wish to make a donation, or have a concern to discuss: Please contact me.

Dartmouth Centre, together we can improve our city by working together, talking more and having compassion for all people.

In October Vote Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt for councillor District 5 - Dartmouth Centre. People first always: Collaboration Communication Compassion