Bryn Jones-VaillancourtBryn Jones-Vaillancourt

Chef Local Food Advocate Darmouth Proud

Vote it Forward: Making our community better today.

This election is about change, and making informed choices to help make our community an even better place to live, work and play.  My focus is on collaboration, communication, compassion and about putting people first always.  With that in mind, I don't want to wait until after October 20th to truly start making a difference.   In this election, it is about choosing a councillor who will care about our city in their words and actions.  I am ready to a stand up for people and for the betterment of District 5 and our city, Halifax. It is time that we, even as candidates make a stand, to be a leader and to encourage people to support our community and the amazing groups that support citizens all across Halifax.  There are so many groups that help members of our community, and I do not want to wait till after October 20th to show them that they have my support.

I believe in people taking care of each other and supporting our community.  In my bid for councillor of District 5, I asks that if you support my candidacy, to donate to one of the charities mentioned below in lieu of a lawn sign.  As a show of support, a donation of either time by volunteering or a cash donation between $5 and $25 to any of the organizations listed below:

  1. Alice Housing
  1. United Way Halifax
  1. Stepping Stone
  1. Spay Day HRM
  1. Feeding Others of Dartmouth (FOOD) – Margaret House
  1. Feed Nova Scotia
  1. YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth
  1. Adsum House for Women & Children
  1. Elizabeth Fry Society
  1. Bide-a-While Animal Shelter
  1. Dress for Success Halifax
  1. Big Brother’s & Sisters of Greater Halifax
  1. Bryony House
  1. LBGT Youth Project
  1. Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP)
  1. Canadian Mental Health Association Halifax/Dartmouth Branch- Among Friends Social Club
  1. Laing House
  1. Immigration Settlement & Integration Services (ISIS)
  1. Halifax Sexual Health Centre
  1. Boys and Girls Club of Dartmouth
  1. AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia
  1. Canadian Diabetes Association – Nova Scotia
  1. Chebucto Community Net
  1. Hope Cottage
  1. Parker Street Food Bank

All of these groups do amazing work in our community, and to continue the work that they do they need support from all of us.  I want to inspire in everyone that even the smallest action, can create a huge, positive ripple effect. Let’s one kind act at a time, let the ripples build into a wave of positive, inclusive change in our city. We can do better Halifax and it starts right here with each of us.

Together let’s set a goal of having $5,000 in donations and 1000 volunteer hours to these groups by October 20,2012 To track the donations being made by our community, I only ask that you email me or call to let me know the amount donated and to what group.

The above groups have no official affiliation with me, and I have selected them based on the good work I feel they do in the community.

Let's get it started and Vote It Forward!