Bryn Jones-VaillancourtBryn Jones-Vaillancourt

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Campaign Contributions

Elections should not be about giving corporations and organizations potential influence in exchange for financial donations.  I have made the choice to enter politics because I believe that we live in an amazing city and that our city is growing.  With the evolution and growth occurring in HRM, there is a need for fresh voices and perspectives.  For me, public service and being an elected official is about putting people first.  It is about being informed, engaged and part of the community you represent. It is not simply enough that a councillor be skilled at helping citizens navigate the city bureaucracy, we need councilors with a strong voice and a progressive, inclusive vision.  We need councilors who can take a stand, debate and make decisions in the best interest of the region as a whole.

Building healthy, sustainable communities and ensuring decisions are inclusive to even the most vulnerable section of society should be where our focus is.  I don't feel an elected official can fully accomplish this if they accept financial contributions with strings attached.   Municipal politics is evolving and it is time to take a stand and work to break free from past perspectives.   This election is about embracing the change and evolution happening in our city: to foster healthy, sustainable communities with strong, inclusive leaders.

I pledge to Dartmouth Centre & HRM that:

  1. I will not accept campaign contributions from corporations
  2. I will not accept campaign contributions from development corporations
  3. I will not accept campaign contributions from organizations
  4. I will only accept campaign contributions from individuals
  5. I will disclose campaign donations throughout my campaign as they are received.

Corporations and organizations do not have the means to actually vote in this election.  In the past, some of these groups have tried to donate with expectations for future favours.  I do not agree with this practice, and I believe elected officials are there to represent citizens. 

With a fresh voice and a new perspective we can chart our course for today and our future.  Together, we can focus on sustainable, healthy communities. Together we can help make government work for the good of Dartmouth and HRM. A new day has come , let’s embrace it together.