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My Perspectives : Items I would work on as your councillor for Dartmouth Centre

Crime & Gun Violence

 To begin controlling crime, I feel it is imperative that we address the root causes. In any area of HRM, crime levels are on peoples' minds,within HRM, the root causes of individuals and groups to commit crime  that must be addressed are:

  • Poverty
  • Access to Education
  • Building healthy, engaged communities.

Reducing crime takes a multi-level approach, and while neighbourhood watches are good for getting "more eyes on the street", I feel that is not the sole answer to address crime.  As Councillor for Dartmouth Centre, I want to make our community an awesome place just as much as I want to make our municipality a great place to live!  I am committed to achieve the following within my first year as your Councillor:

1.  Establish a Dartmouth Centre Community Association

  • The association would be tasked with helping to advise on how to improve community engagement, beautification and community based crime reduction.

2.  Liaison with citizens of Dartmouth Centre,  Halifax Regional Police, HRM Public Safety Office, and local poverty advocacy groups to table a plan built on community based crime reduction strategies, while addressing root causes that contribute to making communities unsafe/unhealthy.

3. Collaborate with all Dartmouth Councillors to create a joint Dartmouth Regional Advisory Board to address issues of crime, poverty reduction, and equitable communities.

4.  Establish a Dartmouth Centre Youth Advisory Committee.  Ensuring all voices are heard on public safety, crime prevention and equitable communities is crucial to move forward.


Public Transit

I am an advocate for a strong, healthy public transit service.  In a city of our size, it is imperative that we have an efficient transit system to move our citizens around in a timely manner.  Our city's geography presents challenges in service delivery; however I feel we can deliver a better system than we currently have.

Firstly, I think that we need to do more to incorporate active transportation into our public transit vision.  That is to say, that we build on our existing active transportation initiatives and identify core areas that can act as hubs.  Promoting set areas in the city and providing or modifying existing infrastructure to allow active transportation and Metro Transit to work in tandem:

  • A connected bike lane network across the communities of Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth, Sackville and Eastern Passage.
  • Explore implementing a car free street in downtown Halifax
  • An effort to connect and enhance walking trails across all of HRM.
  • Liaison with local advocates to re-think Metro Transit and base service on a bus-rapid transit model(BRT)
  • Protection and enhancement of existing greenways, and funds allocated to develop new greenways.

Government Transparency & Access

I believe government should be accessible to the people! I would foster my belief by

  • Putting citizens and their concerns first!
    • Monthly town hall meetings in our district of Dartmouth Centre
    • A weekly e-newsletter to highlight government business and district concerns and evens
    • Social Media Communication via Twitter: @BrynDartCentre, Facebook and my blog
    • District Profile on’s site, current and up to date
    • Quarterly print newsletter mailed to citizens of Dartmouth Centre
    • Bi-weekly visits to district citizens that were unable to attend town hall meetings, i.e. nursing homes and other institutions.


We need to switch our focus, and not solely look at sustainability from an environmental perspective.  We need to consider sustainability as it is related to the environment, economic and social development.  As your councillor, I want to:

  • Support and encourage the revitalization of Downtown Dartmouth
  • Hold council accountable to the Downtown Dartmouth Secondary Planning Strategy
  • Support for and engagement of development projects that reverse city sprawl, create neighbourhoods to make our district and city more vibrant and community focused.
  • Invest in our youth via recreation, mentoring and skill development programs.
  • Advocacy for strong environment stewardship via education and action programs.