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A New Vision for Dartmouth

We in Dartmouth, live in a wonderful community. Growing up in Dartmouth, I can remember the sense of pride our community had.   Today, I  believe we still have that sense of pride and love for Dartmouth.  Since amalgamation, we in Dartmouth Centre have been without a vision.    We have a great array of recreation, and pockets of progressive small business but we do not have a unifying vision. In our downtown core, there is the beginnings of change.  Dartmouth Centre wants and needs change, we desire a progressive vision for the future.   There is a strong hope to have a more vibrant, strong, walkable community in Dartmouth.  Our downtown core is awakening after such a long period of status quo, however we need to bring business, citizens of Dartmouth Centre and community groups together to develop a long-term vision for our community.  Yes, there is the RP+5, HRM by Design, the Centre Plan, Dartmouth Cove but we need to support and help areas like Downtown Dartmouth.  Also, to actively take a stand in support of families, small business and the community that I love: Dartmouth.

As your Councillor for Dartmouth Centre I want to:

Support and Encourage the positive changes already happening in our district

Hold stakeholders accountable for Downtown Dartmouth Secondary Planning Strategy

Work to address issues around sustainable communities in terms of economic, social and environmental factors; fostering sustainable communities will benefit both Dartmouth Centre and HRM.

Support local business to do what they do best: creating jobs, diverse business districts & helping to foster community in a sustainable manner.

Engage and support the non-profit sector in their mandates of providing support to vulnerable members of our Dartmouth Centre & HRM.


I promise to represent you to the best of my ability, to make decisions that enable sustainable communities in Dartmouth Centre and HRM.  I will work tirelessly to address your concerns, and propositions for city government.  I will provide information to our district and provide a strong network for all citizens to share their voice.  The people of Dartmouth Centre and HRM will be my sole focus, and every decision we make, will be in the best interest of the citizens that voted me into office.

Together, we can move forward to create a new vision for Dartmouth Centre & HRM built on: Putting People First, Open Transparent Government, Sustainable Communities & A Fiscal Responsible Government.


October 6 - 18 E-Voting&Telephone : Vote Bryn for District Five-DartmouthCentre

October 20th - Paper Ballot: Vote Bryn for District Five-Dartmouth Centre