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Active Transportation: Stronger support need in Regional Council

As in previous posts, I take the perspective that public transit policy should include both a public transit system and significant funding for an active transportation network.   In HRM, we are making gains, however we still have a lot of work to do.    Currently, in Dartmouth Centre there is only one small area on Wyse Road with a dedicated painted bike lane.    There is a greenway,(off road) network running from Alderney Landing to Shubie Park, and also according to HRM Bike Map, it extends into the Russell Lake area.    As your councillor for Dartmouth Centre, I will be a strong supporter of greater incorporation of active transportation into our existing and future infrastructure. Within my first year as your councillor for Dartmouth Centre I will:

  1. Engage Traffic Services to examine Dartmouth Centre regarding dedicated painted bike lanes.
  2. Enable  a dialogue between HRM Traffic Services and Cycling stakeholders regarding cyclists on our roadways.
  3. Submit recommendations to council for the addition of a stronger connection of dedicated bike lanes in Dartmouth Centre.

It is time Dartmouth Centre has a voice, that believes that decisions we make today affect tomorrow.  It is time for sustainability and accountability: in October 2012 Vote Bryn for Dartmouth Centre.