Bryn Jones-VaillancourtBryn Jones-Vaillancourt

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Crime in our region

Crime is a concern for every person of every city, town, village and community. Currently, in our beautiful city there is has been multiple shootings in several neighbourhoods within HRM.  This is concerning to all citizens, because it undermines how safe we feel on our streets and in our homes.  While we naturally look to our police to deal with these issues, we too as citizens have a role to play in helping to reduce crime in the HRM. Firstly, as destructive and as harmful as crime can be and is, we must show compassion to perpetrators.  There are many factors that can lead someone to commit a crime.   To begin controlling crime, I feel it is imperative that we address the root causes. In any area of HRM, crime levels are on peoples' minds,  within HRM, the root causes of individuals and groups to commit crime  that must be addressed are:


Access to Education

Building healthy, engaged communities.

Reducing crime takes a multi-tiered approach, and while neighbourhood watches are good for getting "more eyes on the street", I feel that is not the sole answer to address crime.  As Councillor for Dartmouth Centre, I want to make our community an awesome place just as much as I want to make our municipality a great place to live!  I am committed to achieve the following within my first year as your Councillor:

1.  Establish a Dartmouth Centre  Community Association

  •      The association would be tasked with helping to advise on how to improve community engagement, beautification and community based crime reduction.

2.  Liaison with citizens of Dartmouth Centre,  Halifax Regional Police, HRM Public Safety Office, and local poverty advocacy groups to table a plan built on community based crime reduction strategies, while addressing root causes that contribute to making communities unsafe/unhealthy.

3. Collaborate with all Dartmouth Councillors to create a joint Dartmouth Regional Advisory Board to address issues of crime, poverty reduction, and equitable communities.

4.  Establish a Dartmouth Centre Youth Advisory Committee.  Ensuring all voices are heard on public safety, crime prevention and equitable communities is crucial to move forward.

I was born in Dartmouth and have spent the majority of my youth and adult life here.  We deserve a Councillor who is accountable, engaged and willing to provide propositions not just opposition.  In October, we can make a choice for change: Vote Bryn for Dartmouth Centre!