Bryn Jones-VaillancourtBryn Jones-Vaillancourt

Chef Local Food Advocate Darmouth Proud

About Bryn- Candidate for Dartmouth Centre - District Five

I was born and raised in Dartmouth, even when I lived away for a brief time Dartmouth was still home to me.  I am 32 and son of Mary &Marty Jones.  My father is a sailor with the Royal Canadian Navy,my mother works in the public school system and I have two brothers.  Growing up, I lived in North Dartmouth and attended three wonderful public schools: Notting Park Elementary, Bicentennial Junior High and Dartmouth High School.  Past public school, I attended NSCC-Akerely and earned a diploma in Culinary Arts.  Presently, I live in Woodside at Maplehurst where I live with my fiance Anthony.   I work as a professional chef in Halifax, and I enjoy providing healthy, nutritious meals to everyone I serve.

From my parents, I learned a strong sense of community pride and wanting to give back to your community.   From my early involvement in the public music program on ward; I have always had a keen interest in community volunteering.  I believe that immersing one's self in your community is a spectacular way to show your concern and empathy for others.   As an adult I have been involved with:

Canadian Cancer Society

Kids Help Phone

Halifax Pride Committee

St.John's Pride Committee

Canadian Forces Halifax "Rocks the Hill"

International Fleet Week & Review - Canadian Naval Centennial


Health Promotion - CFB Halifax

Additionally, I am in consideration for a volunteer position with the Dartmouth Community Health Board.

As long as I can remember,  I have always had a strong interest in politics.  As a teen, I could not wait till I was able to vote.  I still remember in my final year of high school, when Wendy Lill came to speak to us.  She was at the time our MP, and even to today I remember how inspired I felt by her.  I have always voted in every election; even municipal because I feel to have a voice you need to participate in the democratic process.  Our system of government is built on the hope that people care enough to get involved.   It is a civic duty, nay moral obligation to vote and be aware of what are governments are doing or not. 

Since my mid twenty's, the idea of running as a candidate in a campaign has always been in the background.  I have followed politics, educated myself and always made sure that I was connected: to people, perspectives and to ideas. I believe that we can make District 5 and in term our city a more diverse, vibrant and welcoming place.   With fresh perspectives, collaboration and determination Halifax can be the city of choice for our youth, our workingclass, our seniors and for people coming to Canada.

I am entering the race for councillor of District 5 - Dartmouth Centre because I want to bring accountability back to city government.   I want to bring city hall to the people, to insure that everyone knows what regional council is doing.  I want to help make Dartmouth Centre and our city even better than they already are.   We will accomplish this by engaging our citizens in our democratic process. We will ensure this by showing genuine concern for each other.  We will enable this by being honest, open and transparent.  No government needs to be secretive, secluded or afraid of opposition or propositions.

We can have a better Dartmouth!

We can have a strong, diverse city!

We can have a progressive, open government.

If you believe in fairness, equality and honest: on October 20, 2012 Vote Bryn for Dartmouth Centre!