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Time for change in District 5: My committment to bring city council to the people.

On October 20, we as citizens of our beautiful region have the chance to make change in our municipal government.  We have the opportunity to elect officials that will act and work for the best interest of all people. It is a time to voice our democratic right, and communicate to our government that a change is needed.  At work, in the malls, parks, coffee houses we hear of desire for change and to have a government that puts the interests of our beautiful city and its' people above all else.    It is not simply enough to be in opposition to our city government.  We as residents must change our opposition to proposition, as the late Jack Layton wrote.   Dartmouth Centre is a vibrant, wonderful district: full of a wonderful mix of diverse, creative citizens.  I want to make Dartmouth Centre an even more desired place to live, and in turn make our municipality the best that it can be.

“I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you...And you...And you...Gotta give em hope.” – Harvey Milk

In a city where council let’s a motion die that would have aided to create more openness and transparency in democratic process, it is time for a change.   In a city council, that how a councillor votes is only recorded if council motions for it to be so, we need a new approach.

As councillor for Dartmouth Centre- District Five, I would work for our district and for the greater good of our municipality.  Firstly, I would motion for a more open, democratic and less secretive government. I would ensure that I am working for you in Dartmouth Centre to address issues of local significance and also support progressive, innovative ideas to move our city forward.   Government is for the people, and should be by the people!

I believe government should be accessible to the people! I would foster my belief by:

  1. Monthly town hall meetings in our district of Dartmouth Centre
  2. A weekly e-newsletter to highlight government business and district concerns and evens
  3. Social Media Communication via Twitter: @BrynDartCentre, Facebook and my blog
  4. District Profile on’s site, current and up to date
  5. Quarterly print newsletter mailed to citizens of Dartmouth Centre
  6. Bi-weekly visits to district citizens that were unable to attend town hall meetings, i.e. nursing homes and other institutions.

Democracy is about access, information and engagement! We need to once and again trust and have hope in our city government.   Help us elect a new voice for Dartmouth Centre! If you would like to contribute to our campaign financially or by volunteering please contact us at  on twitter @BrynDartCentre  By Text (902) 448-9233

On facebook:

On October 20 Vote Bryn for District 5- Dartmouth Centre