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HRM Staff Report on Disclosure of Staff Salaries

HRM Staff Report on Disclosure of Staff Salaries

Staff report published in regards to disclosing staff salaries:

On page three, of the only four page it suggestions options council could consider.   I suggest that the ethical option is for council to implement option 2 and 3 on page 3 of the report.

They state:

"2. Council could direct staff to immediately publish on the HRM web site, as part of routine disclosure, the salary bands for all non-union positions and hourly rates of pay for all union positions.

3. Council could, by motion, request that the provincial government designate HRM as a public sector body for the purposes of the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act. This would mean that HRM would be required to disclose compensation it pays to any person if the amount exceeds $100,000. This change may be done by regulation and does not require a legislative amendment. This would result in broader disclosure than what Council is currently exploring, and would place long-term disclosure obligations on the municipality." Cited from June 28, 2012 Staff Report Public Reporting of Senior Employees’ Salaries

The full report is provided in the main link above.


I feel that for council to be transparent, and honest on this issue that they opt for the above two recommendations.

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