The Garden Plot

My Holiday Message for 2014

 As 2014 quickly draws to a close, all across our city and our fair province Nova Scotians are preparing for the arrival of Santa Clause.   From far and wide family and friends will gather to celebrate the holidays and the coming New Year.    December is always a time of reflection, where we as Nova Scotians can reflect on the year that is coming to a close and to dream for the year that is yet to come.

 We face many challenges in our province and in Halifax where I reside.   We have an aging population, and finite resources.  There are realities that we need to address, however we as Nova Scotians are resilient and one of our strengths is that we endure and find solutions even in the most challenging of times.

This year we have many successes and some decisions that leave questions to be addressed.    Across our province the cost of living continues to rise, and pressure to make ends meet are felt by many Nova Scotians across our province. 

As we join to celebrate this festive time, I ask all Nova Scotians to continue to support residents in our communities that need help however that looks.   It is unacceptable that all across our province that people struggle daily and have to make choices between buying food and paying rent, between have their medications, clothes over their power bills.   Regardless of the financial challenges we face, as a province we will face them together.

My Christmas wish is that as we turn the page into 2015 that each and every Nova Scotian will ensure that no one is left behind, that all voices have the opportunity to be heard and respected.   Share what you can, and let us all work hard in 2015 to raise the bar on equity in our beloved home by the sea.


From my family to yours we wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a bright, prosperous 2015.


Much love to all