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Garden Chat

The Trials and success of our micro estate.

Season Round Up

Wow, here we are and it is December!  The year has seem to blown past us like a speeding freight train.  With our seasonal periods shifting in Halifax, it is hard to believe we are in the tail end of autumn.  Our first frost was 5 weeks late, and didn't come knocking until November 9. We were stilk harvesting tomatoes and tomatillos up until the frost, and it was quite nice to be able to in November.

We had a rather late start for the growing season, with not being able to get our heat loving crops outside till late June.  However, even with a late start we had a very successful and productive season.  For the first time we grew sweet potatoes, which was exciting!  Their foliage is quite charming and while the tubers didn't get huge they were plentiful.  Another first for us was the chiltepin hot pepper, North America's only indigenous pepper.  Chiltepins are found in the wild in Mexico, Texas and Arizona.  The plants did very well and we had enough fruit to collect seeds habituated to our specific growing conditions.  Over the next several years we are looking forward to having more productive plants and eventually be able to offer seeds to other growers in the region.  Food security is a passion for us and every year we are working to have seed stock adapted to our region. Another knock out success for us was a short season watermelon, that we were also able to collect seeds from. 
At Samhain, we planted our garlic for 2018, and a few weeks after that some winter onions that we graciously received from another local grower.    As we move closer to a new year we are planning for another succesful growing season. 
How was your growing season?