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The Trials and success of our micro estate.

Mid-summer renewal (posted way late)

Well, after a really cool and wet spring followed by an underwhelming June, we find ourselves in the throws of mid-summer. On our farm, we have been busy wedding, succession planting & trying to keep on top of watering.   2016 has been a really dry summer in Nova Scotia, with officials saying it has not been this dry since 2001.

The raised and ornamental beds have taken care of themselves, however our many container trials have required daily watering.  Also, our winter squash areas have required daily watering as well.  Even with constant attention, some of our winter squash have had lower yields because of the plant's desire to converse water. 

As of this week, we have flipped some beds from summer production into autumn production.  With adding our last crop of beets, carrots and close to our last plantings for kale, lettuces, beans, peas and arugula.  If you have not planted a fall crop of carrots by now sadly, you're out of time.  However, there is still lots of time to plant cool loving greens, peas and beans to extend your harvest into December.  Additionally, it's a great time to decide if you would like to add a cold frame to be able to enjoy greensacross the frosty winter.


Mid-summer is also a key time to take a moment and take stock of results to date.  What has worked for you this year?  Are there crops you will/will no, t grow in 2017?  Also, it is a time to divert some attention to seed saving as crops like peas, spring lettuces or radish set seed.  Saving seeds is a great way to lower your overall year to year cost and develop plants that are adapted to your specific conditions.