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Garden Chat

The Trials and success of our micro estate.

Spring is here.....kinda

It's been a month give or take since I've updated the blog area of our site.   With the on again- off again winter temps not much has been going on outside.   Also, every day I deal with mental illness I have depression and sometimes I just can't write -and that's ok! 

Inside, as I write we have 300+ seedlings in various stages of growth.   To date, we've sold 1 dozen and a half in seedlings, a couple garden plans and the last four jars of last year's fermented pickles.   Presently, our sales have come via promotion on social media and a loyal customer from my day job.   

On April 2, we will be making our debut at one of our local farmer's market.   For the Saturday market we will have a table at Alderney landing with a healthy assortment of garden transplants.  I hope to see many of you pop by to say hello and buy a plant or two ☺

Outside, all our spring bulbs have broken grown and we've even had some flowers! 


our first flowers of 2016 

our first flowers of 2016 

Mary Washington asparagus seeds have been sown in half of one our raised beds in the principal growing area.  And in a front raised bed some spring greens, broccoli and cabbage have been sown.   


Lastly, hopefully in the next couple weeks we will be sowing our corn, beets and chard. 

How are you preparing for spring?