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The Trials and success of our micro estate.

Snow today, gone tomorrow

Well, what an on again-off again winter season.  One day it is below year and a few days down the road it is +10(celcius) 

Yesterday, we broke a temperature record for the warmest February 16 with the previous record set in 2006 .  Surveying the grounds today even more spring bulbs are sending up shoots.  The freeze-thaw cycles haven't damaged them luckily with snow providing protection.  Equally unique over this winter season is that our parsley, snap dragons and daisies appear to have gone dormant and overwintered.   I will be interested to see if the snap dragons will begin to.provide new growth.   Also cool to see are the baby pansies that self-seeded at end of 2015 season and germinated in December 2015.

Baby Black Krim Tomato from last year's saved seed 

Baby Black Krim Tomato from last year's saved seed 

With the unpredictable temperatures, it is now a guessing game of when Spring 2016 Will debut.   Taking cues from the behaviour of our flora, I believe Spring will debut earlier than 2015.  As more of our seeds arrive, indoors baby plants are popping out daily.  

Another new addition last week to our house was 200 red wigglers for our new worm box.  They seem to be settling in and enjoying their new home.   

How do you get ready for spring's arrival?