The Garden Plot

Is the Draft Transit Plan Missing the Mark for Eastern Passage/Cow Bay?

Last month Halifax Transit shared their long awaited proposal to re-work the transit network city wide.   This, at the very least, is unprecedented in our city and badly needed.   Our transit network right now is a hodgepodge of service duplication and redundancy focused on the downtown peninsular core.   This is the draft plan, and I am hoping that as residents all across the city we provide feedback and input that will see a revised draft.

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Halifax: Let's Get Real About Active Transportation

One of the most important things a city can accomplish beyond building cultural hubs, great sports fields or libraries is ensuring that citizens can get from point “A” to “B”.   Municipal transportation systems should be such that they are multi-modal and form an integrated efficient network.   Having well designed road, transit and active transportation networks are markers of a city that understands people like options for transportation.   In Halifax, while I feel that we are slowly getting on board – I feel that we have a lot of work to do.  

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Austerity Killed The Recreation Hall

For the last several years at least, governments at all levels have been beating their austerity drums quite loudly.  They have presented doom and gloom scenarios that if we don’t change our ways that society will crumble.    Services will disappear, rivers will dry up, sidewalks will be non-existent sort of thing.    I don’t disagree that on many fronts collectively we have allowed our governments to live above their means.  However, if we are to look at government from a purely money in-money out math equation that balances I feel we are lost in translation.

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